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Roberts Gordon

Industry leader in infrared heating

Since the 1960’s, Roberts Gordon has produced custom infrared heating systems for commercial, industrial, agricultural, and institutional buildings.

Its success extends out into the military, having worked on heating solutions for aircraft hangars, and other maintenance spaces.

The strength and success of Roberts Gordon comes from an emphasis on customization of the CoRayVac System.You have heard the saying “They don’t build them like they used to”, but Roberts Gordon still does!

The CoRayVac classic system comes with a 25 year warranty with longevity and efficiency in  mind.

Custom systems for specific needs

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Provide us with some basic information about your application, and we'll give you a professional design, complete with a CAD drawing and an expert quote.

Free System Design In 3 Easy Steps!

  1. Download Our Questionnaire And Answer A Few Easy Questions
    Our Questionnaire asks simple step-by-step questions about your application so that we can ensure a proper ductwork design.
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  2. Sketch A Rough Drawing Of Your Space
    Use the sketch grid in our downloadable questionnaire to provide us with a rough sketch layout of your application. The drawing itself may be crude, but the measurements must be accurate... so ensure you measure twice.
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    Send your questionnaire and drawing to our experts for review and completion.
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In return we provide you with:
Professional CAD Drawing
Parts List
Detailed Installation Instructions
Budgetary Quote

The CoRayVac system offered by RG is a great example of meeting the needs of the client. The SF variant allows for infrared heating in shops that repair vehicles that run on Compressed/Liquefied Natural Gas. The CoRayVac SF system is CSA Certified to comply with NFPA 30A guidelines.

Due to high costs, energy-saving technology is a major concern for all facility owners. These custom systems can make a difference. With a system designed for your facility, you can help curb those energy bills and significantly provide a better, more comfortable environment for employees.

We work closely with clients to understand the needs of the project. With every project, we will deliver a heat-loss, conceptual design, line item quotation, and installed estimate work sheet giving the owner a good idea of out of pocket cost. The website for Roberts Gordon contains a full listing of all its heating systems.

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