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When precise control of humidity is fundamental to your production processes – we put that control at your fingertips.

MicroCool Humidifiers

Our MicroCool humidification systems put you in control. Systems can be “zoned” into different sections and controlled individually, allowing different humidity levels to be maintained in separate rooms. You can easily adjust the location or direction of the nozzle to deliver humidification where it is needed.

These systems are designed to meet a broad array of industrial and agricultural needs:

  • Controlling static electricity for everything from semiconductor production to printing
  • Maintain product quality in agriculture, woodworking, wineries, greenhouses and hatcheries
  • Better distribution with a MicroCool system consist of a grid of nozzles, evenly distributed throughout the space


Find out just how effective these systems are and how many benefits they can deliver.

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MicroCool Dust and Odor Control Solution

Overhead Products has been representing the MicroCool line since 1991. Like all of our products, the MicroCool line is built from superior engineering and design to yield equally superior performance.

These dust and odor control solutions deliver outstanding benefits over a very long performance life that yields lower life-cycle costs and extreme value. MicroCool has been providing superior dust and odor control solutions more than 30 years with products designed to deliver incredible value to your client for every dollar invested. From cooling and humidification, to dust and odor control the MicroCool line overcomes a variety of working environment challenges.


Find out just how many applications these systems have.

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