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Our cost-effective commercial heating solutions puts the heat where you need it, when you need it, regardless of what you need it for.

Infrared Heating from Roberts Gordon


With an infrared efficiency rating of IF-15, the CoRayVac heater from Roberts Gordon is the most efficient heater in the infrared tube-heating class. The CoRayVac heater is recognized for providing a longer life and lower life-cycle cost than any other heater in its class.

It comes in a variety of sizes allowing for a very broad range of combinations for superior system optimization to meet virtually any requirement. The CoRayVac IR line is 100% made in America.

CoRayVac infrared heaters are perfect for environments where flammable fuels or gasses are in use. They provide safe and effective heat without introducing any ignition source to the environment.

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Learn how a CoRayVac infrared heater can work for you. Click the link below for a free project analysis.

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Gas Fired or Electric Heat that works just like the sun without visible light

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BBC Low-Intensity Electric Heaters

These highly efficient, low-intensity infrared electric heaters provide a long life of reliable performance. They come in a variety of sizes allowing for a very broad range of combinations and applications to perfectly match performance characteristics to heating requirements.

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Free Product Line Overview

Low intensity heating equipment. Whether it be gas or electric, we will show you how to
put them to work for you. Click the link below for a BBC product line overview and free project analysis.

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IR Mobile heater

The IR Mobile heater is a low intensity electric infrared heater designed by Overhead Products for mechanics who want comfort heat. This heater is safe for use when working on specialty fuel vehicles.

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