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Dust & Fume Extraction

Clean air is the cornerstone of sustainable production; our odor, fume and dust control systems ensure you maintain it. Our solutions ensure a clean and safe work environment whether you are eliminating dust, welding or other fumes, and include solutions for work environments where odors demand control.


Nederman is widely recognized as the leading expert in industrial air filtration and dust extraction. Overhead Products represents the entire Nederman line of dust extraction solutions for the filtration of dust and particles, welding fumes, exhaust fumes, oil mist, gases and combustible dust. Manufacturing companies want to boost profitability by making their operations as efficient as possible. Clean air is the cornerstone of sustainable production, so they must meet high environmental standards and keep employees safe from fumes and dust. Dust and fumes generated during the manufacturing process must be efficiently captured to ensure product quality, equipment longevity, regulatory compliance and safe, healthy work environments. Nederman products and solutions for industrial air filtration meet high expectations on quality and profitability – and their products’ performance profiles prove it.


Learn how our extraction systems can add significant benefits to your production processes.

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