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From high-performance HVLS fans to misters with multi-zone pinpoint control, our commercial work environment cooling solutions redefine cool.


SkyBlade’s best-in-class performance comes from the unique pitch design built into their blades. It is based on the wing design used in short takeoff or landing (STOL) airplanes favored by bush pilots and used in STOL competition. The end result is the ability to take off or land with a very limited runway.

Similar to the principle in STOL wing pitch, the SkyBlade design allows these fans to push large volumes of air at low speeds, producing greater evaporative cooling effects while requiring more than 60% less energy to operate. They are engineered and constructed to ensure longevity offering a highly efficient and reliable performance profile to deliver low-cost cooling with extreme value.

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Microcool Misting Products

Overhead Products has been representing the MicroCool line of misting systems since 1991. Like all of our products, the MicroCool line is built from superior engineering and design to yield equally superior performance.

These fogging and misting solutions deliver outstanding benefits over a very long performance life that yields lower life-cycle costs and extreme value. MicroCool has been leading the way in evaporative cooling technology for more than 30 years, and their products deliver incredible value to your client for every dollar invested. From cooling and humidification, to dust and odor control the MicroCool line meets and overcomes a variety of working environment challenges.

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