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Overhead Products is an exclusive provider of high-quality industrial heating, cooling, odor, fume and dust extraction, and humidification products. We work directly with architects, HVAC engineers and contractors to deliver our products and services through an interactive process leveraging our extreme depth of experience to ensure the buildings our products are designed into achieve the objectives that have been set for them, regardless of complexity.

Product Line

Exclusive Quality

Exclusivity and quality define our entire line of high-quality industrial environment control solutions for heating, cooling, humidification, and dust, fume and odor extraction products.

Overhead Products High-quality industrial environment control solutions


Cost-Effective Solutions

Our cost-effective commercial heating solutions puts the heat where you need it, when you need it, regardless of what you need it for.

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Overhead Products Commercial Heating Solutions


Specialty HVAC

From high-performance HVLS fans to misters with multi-zone pinpoint control, our commercial work environment cooling solutions cooling redefine cool.

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Overhead Products Commercial Work Environment Cooling Solutions


Meet Precise Demands

When precise control of humidity is fundamental to your production processes – we deliver the humidification systems to place that control at your fingertips.

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Overhead Products Humidification systems

Dust, Fume & Odor Extraction

Ensure a Safe and Healthy Workplace

Clean air is the cornerstone of sustainable production; our commercial dust, fume and odor control solutions help to ensure you achieve it. Our systems enable a clean and safe work environment whether you are eliminating dust, welding or other fumes, and include solutions for work environments where odors demand control.

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Commercial dust, fume, odor control solutions

IR Portable Heater

The IR Portable Heater is a low intensity electric infrared heater designed by Overhead Products for mechanics who want comfort heat. This heater is safe for use when working on specialty fuel vehicles.

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To learn more about our entire line of products, as well as the consulting services we provide to support your design, engineering and installation processes, contact us today.

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