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Pro Solutions for Engineers

Throughout its history, Overhead Products has delivered specialty HVAC solutions for engineers and facility engineers who deal with demanding heating and ventilating needs such as natural gas vehicle repair shops. Thanks to our connections with companies like Roberts Gordon, Nederman, and BBC, we are able to meet the needs of engineers who work in the aerospace and automotive industries.

Specialty Fuel Facilities: An Engineers Concern

Across the country, compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquid natural gas (LNG) vehicles are becoming more common. Municipal buses, waste pick-up trucks, and delivery fleets are switching to CNG/LNG. Companies operating fleets of eighteen-wheelers are also making the LNG transition.

Multiple studies show that CNG/LNG is safer than gasoline-powered vehicles. This is in no small part a result of very strict safety standards. These are standards that Overhead Products designs around and meets without exception for every CNG/LNG facility it delivers equipment to.

It isn’t just about maintaining safe, clean air content with fume extractors, other particular conditions need to be met. A maintenance garage working with compressed natural gas has to meet specific safety standards for heating and electricity as well. Roberts Gordon and BBC both offer radiant heaters that are safe for use in these facilities. Overhead Products has provided hundreds of compliant heating systems for new shops, and for shop upgrades, with CoRayVacSF from Roberts Gordon across the country.

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Military hazards and solutions

The United States Army and Air Force operate in highly varied environments. Due to this, its engineers face many challenges.

The US Air Force operates over 5000 aircraft, and they all need maintenance. Because engineers have the knowledge that infrared heaters heat these spaces, make a comfortable situation, and provide fuel saving like no other, they are the normal choice when heating a hangar.

It’s no different for the Army; maintenance of tanks and armored personnel carriers mean Hi Bay buildings need to be heated, engineers know that infrared heat is the way to go and seek out manufacturers to work with on their plans. Working with someone knowledgeable is key in this area and Overhead Products works with engineers seamlessly.

When we deliver Roberts Gordon heaters, SkyBlade fans, or Nederman fume extractors, we do this with the design in mind and adapt to changing conditions that may arise on a project. Keep an eye on this space for more stories and information on Pro Solutions for engineers!