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Overhead Products has been working with architectural firms large and small to conceptually design infrared heating, humidification, and fume mitigation solutions to meet their clients needs. We carry only the most trusted products lines in the business and we can help you make informed recommendations that maximize space conditions and efficiency.

A facility’s design is influenced by the materials used to build it, and the purpose it serves. How the architect designs the building affects its operation and its occupants. This also affects the installation of infrared heating systems, fume and dust extraction systems, and misting systems. Infrared heaters offered by Roberts Gordon can be customized for a facility. A number of other climate control systems can be scaled to fit specific need. However, other solutions that are effective may not be as flexible.

These days, architects can rely on computer programs to measure heat and energy loss in a design. However, this does not always take into account human factors. A building that has infrared heaters technically capable of keeping it warm can still feel cold in the changing conditions. The opposite can also happen; radiant heaters installed too low could make employees feel uncomfortably warm.

Other factors could include the occupants leaving doors and windows open. Designing the system with enough capacity to overcome the fluctuating temperatures and conditions will provide a well-designed system.


Overhead Products works with architects in providing products that can meet the esthetic needs of the building designs. Additionally, we deliver retrofit or replacement systems for existing facilities.

We make sure that the right equipment goes into place for any design. For infrared heating, our Roberts Gordon overhead equipment can be customized to fit your design. Our HVLS fans have custom colors and covers that satisfy a wide array of design needs. Our outdoor cooling and special effects fog can enhance any outdoor experience that the design requires.

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