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Founded in 1944, Nederman has made clean air it’s focus for over 70 years. Customers across a broad range of industries trust Nederman to protect employees and the environment. They remain at the forefront of air filtration and fume/dust extraction technology.

Many industrial processes result in harmful byproducts, some of which can cause cancer and other illnesses. Current laws hold companies responsible for air quality in and around their facilities. Nederman reliably meets these standards year after year with its solutions. The ability to service the needs of so many customers makes Nederman an obvious choice for Overhead Products to offer clients.

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Clean air solutions are needed nationwide

The list of industries that need the best clean air solutions is long; the Nederman catalogue reflects this. All of the products can adapt to facilities of any size and purpose. This gives Nederman and Overhead Products the flexibility our clients demand.

Auto shops, car dealerships, and even military maintenance facilities, must all be aware harmful gasoline fumes and vehicle exhaust. This same technology is employed in fire stations around the United States; studies have shown firefighters to have high cancer rates. Proper exhaust extraction systems can reduce this threat.

Metalworkers are familiar with welding fumes and smoke that fill the air after a weld. These fumes can cause sickness in the short and long term. In extreme cases, this can lead to early retirement or death. Nederman brings a variety of solutions to the welding table. For manual labor, or for the newest automated processes, there is a method of containing these harmful pollutants.

It isn’t just hazardous fumes that are a danger. Dust explosions are a threat to metalworkers and woodworkers. They can happen inside warehouses and sugar refineries if the conditions are right. Nederman dust capture and extraction systems can limit the risk of these disasters. The price of failing to do otherwise is high.

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If your facility needs air filtration, or a dust and fume extraction system, Overhead Products can help. A consultation will determine what you need to maintain a safe working environment in your building. We offer Nederman to our clients, confident that they provide the best clean air systems on the market.