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MicroCool is a California-based company specializing in misting systems and cooling solutions. It began in 1980 with a fogging system for a restaurant; it’s now an international business. MicroCool delivers cooling systems to Europe, the United States, and the Middle East. Of note, California’s farms use MicroCool misting systems for their greenhouses.

MicroCool chooses to focus on high-quality and innovative systems, and they lead the industry because of this. Overhead Products offers their catalogue to clients all over the United States.


Certain industrial processes generate a lot of heat. Excess heat affects entire facilities, and this lowers efficiency. A misting or fogging system reduces heat and energy requirements. For facilities in hot climates, misting systems cool the air for workers in the building.

Employee comfort and safety is not limited to temperature. Storage warehouses and certain processes generate plenty of dust. An errant spark is enough to cause a dust explosion, resulting in millions of dollars in property damage and death. Mist and fogging systems reduce static electricity in the air and limit the chance of an explosion.

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Some crops are grown and harvested year-round, no matter how hot or cold it is. This leads to greenhouses that protect them from the elements. MicroCool misting and fogging systems inside these buildings make them work.

The inside of a greenhouse is precisely controlled. The right amount of moisture in the air prevents crops dying due to intense heat. These systems help maintain growing temperatures even during the winter. These advances in climate control make crops profitable all year. It takes a good system to handle these requirements, and MicroCool offers the precision farmers demand.

Custom solutions

MicroCool develops systems to match specific client needs. One company orders a system requiring 10,000 misting nozzles.  The same day, a farm calls in an order for a greenhouse. Decades of experience combine with custom equipment for installations made to order.

The results is cooling and misting solutions that not only fit client demands, but are energy efficient. Increasing power costs make smart energy-saving solutions essential, and MicroCool leads the field. If your greenhouse, warehouse, or production line needs a misting system, we’ll determine what MicroCool solution is best for you.

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