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BBC Industries

Scaleable electric heater efficiency

Black Body Corporation was founded in 1967 by Harold D. Wells. His patented electric  heater and infrared emitter systems still see use to this day. In the present, BBC Industries makes a variety of infrared electric heater systems.  These heater designs are custom scaled to the needs of the client. Additionally, BBC specializes in custom infrared ovens. Like the panel infrared heater systems, the ovens are made to match customer needs.

Electric radiant heaters are among the most efficient and safe infrared heating systems. Over 90 percent of the energy used converts into heat. BBC Industries has over 45 years of experience in applying this efficient technology to use.

Practical commercial and industrial use

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Many BBC infrared heating panels warm spaces of varying sizes and uses. Comfort heaters for the home or office are among the many systems they deliver.

BBC also produces a special brand of infrared heater for use in Hot Yoga. Due to the multiple sizes of heating panels available, BBC infrared systems fulfill custom request.

Heaters are used in screen printing. Custom print t-shirts are merchandise to sporting and entertainment events all over the world. BBC’s quality and reliable radiant heaters can help run any line of shirt prints quickly and efficiently. Other BBC systems involve industrial processes. Infrared ovens see use in the treatment, heating, and curing of various materials.

This ability to supply a variety of customers means that BBC aligns perfectly with Overhead Products. We aim to assist clients of all sizes and needs. As a result, our list of customers ranges across a broad list of industrial, commercial, and retail companies.

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