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About Us


by Ed Guinee and Associates, Inc.

Founded by Ed and Bernice Guinee in 1980, Ed Guinee and Associates, Inc. has provided smart energy-saving solutions for buildings of all sizes and purposes across California and Nevada for over 35 years. Scott joined EGA in 1992 and combines decades of experience with overhead equipment, along with his years as a journeyman sheet metal mechanic, which makes this company what it is today providing support from design through start up on every project.

Our specialty is in new and retrofit infrared heating systems, fume and dust extraction systems, and humidification systems. Whether it’s High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) fans for warehouses to patios, or providing Low Intensity Infrared Heaters for aircraft hangars or vehicle repair facilities that run on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) or (LNG), Overhead Products has proven itself capable to a vast array of clients. Our staff combines decades of industry experience and customer service excellence to ensure that you get the most out of your investment.


We proudly represent


Industry leaders in infrared heaters since the 1960s. Roberts Gordon has the most complete line of gas fired tube heaters customizable for commercial, industrial, institutional, agricultural, military applications, and more.


With 45 years of electric infrared industry expertise, BBC provides more options for electric infrared heaters to our clients. Additionally, BBC manufactures equipment used in shrink packaging, garment printing, and drying.


Known for their wide variety of radiant heaters. Marley’s catalogue includes products for smaller spaces where heavy equipment is difficult to install.


Specialists in High Volume Low Speed fans, SkyBlade products have been used in high ceiling facilities. This includes warehouses, gymnasiums, places of worship, auto dealerships, open office spaces and more.


For over three decades, MicroCool has led the way with innovative misting systems used in humidification, process cooling, horticultural applications, and environmental control solutions. We offer MicroCool products fully confident in their ability to meet the needs of our varied clients.


Fume and dust extraction systems are key to controlling the harmful byproducts of commercial / industrial processes, maintaining clean air, and ensuring both employees and their equipment can perform at their best each day. Nederman is an industry leader dating back to its founding in 1944.

Our Services

Overhead Products provides equipment from the finest manufacturers in their industries. Our connections to these manufacturers mean that we are able to deliver to clients of all sizes. Our clients demand reliable equipment for their facilities, and it’s our mission to meet those needs.

New facility, heating and cooling is always a concern well before it is actually built. We are able to work with engineers and architects to integrate heating, cooling, and ventilation solutions with their design.

Existing Facility, In many if not all hi bay commercial scenarios we provide a cost saving more comfortable heating system solution.

If you have a building that needs better heating or cooling solutions, Overhead Products can provide a building analysis. We can establish the most efficient way to heat or cool your building based on the overall measurements of the structure. We factor in many things, such as the number of windows or doors expected to be opened at any one time, and even the purpose of the facility itself.

Where transmission and infiltration heat loss calculations allow us to determine quantity’s required for your buildings heating needs. This can help you save time and money while ensuring conditions inside your facility are comfortable at specified temperature range.

Overhead Products is capable of assisting its clients with the layout and design of infrared heater, HVLS fans, fume/dust extraction, and humidification systems.

We provide customers with conceptual CAD drawings that help visualize their equipment installation. We can help you integrate the heating and cooling solutions into the plans with the aid of CAD.

We provide clients with Lunch and Learn presentations to discuss the products being offered. If there are questions about Roberts Gordon infrared heaters, or any other system that Overhead Products delivers.

Overhead Products has experience with the process of installing the products it delivers. We can work on-site with contractors and facility owners to ensure that installation of any solution goes smoothly from start to finish.

Once your equipment is in place, we will be present to make sure that the first time it turns on, it works. We also provide training to facility staff and management on the new equipment. This is so that all future operation is effective and safe.