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Pro Solutions for Facility Owners

Heating and cooling commercial facilities is a complex undertaking. With over 35 years of experience Overhead Products is here to help consult you on the right solution for your facility. We carry only top of the line products designed to save you money and stand the test of time. Every business’s needs are different and we know the right solution for your facilities needs large or small.

Climate control is important

Overhead Products knows that buildings and their heating and cooling systems can degrade over time for many reasons. New facility owners may inherit a climate control problem or a system that needs to be upgraded. These problems don’t always stand out right away. If it’s an assembly line building, you have to worry about the machines inside and people on the line. If it’s a car garage, having a heating system keeping your mechanics comfortable and providing clean air is key. These mechanics have choices where they work and keeping top professionals is key to running a great repair shop.

Facility owners must invest in upkeep

To maintain a building costs a lot of money in the long-term. The short-term upfront cost is in replacing equipment. As painful as that can be, it’s a part of ownership. However, you want to treat this as an investment for the future. It’s easy to look for the cheap and easy solution to a problem. To a facility owner, that might look like the easy way to save money.

However, the best solution most always is not the cheapest, especially when it comes to energy-saving climate control systems. If you buy inadequate radiant heaters, they could break down early, or not provide a good level of comfort or be designed and installed wrong. A bad misting system can not only cost money to buy and replace, but it can easily have an adverse effect on the crops or people it is designed for.

The equipment isn’t the only cost. You have to pay the contractor to do the work, which sometimes will have a higher cost on inferior equipment. You’ll pay an engineer, and then pay a distributor to deliver the goods. And while you pay for all that, you still have to pay for everything else your building needs, pay to service the equipment. The costs can keep stacking up.


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We understand facility owners have a lot of concerns, and therefore might not know everything about their climate control systems. They might not know the full dimensions of their facility. A recent heat loss calculation may not have been performed.

Overhead Products prides itself on being able to fully assist a facility owner in picking the right climate control solutions for their building. We always ask our clients to provide what they do know about their facility. We have the ability to fill in the rest! If you need a heat loss calculation, we can do it. If the building needs a full analysis, we provide it.

All of our services work to help inform us, and our clients. We can help clients select the best systems for their needs. Whether it’s customized radiant heaters from Roberts Gordon, or overhead fans from Sky Blade, Overhead Products makes an investment in the continued safe, and comfortable operation of any facility.

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