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Overhead Products works contractors providing energy-saving solutions for facilities. We assist with design, installation, and training on new equipment. Due to our connections to companies like BBC Industries, Roberts Gordon, we offer a vast array of infrared heaters.


A client may have problems with the facility that requires equipment from many manufacturers. Roberts Gordon and Marley infrared heaters could end up being used for the heating side of things, but you may also need a Nederman fume extractor depending on the building.


One aspect to our work has also been to assist contractors in teaching their clients about the products. In the interest of saving money, a client may try to cut corners. In one recent example, a client wanted infrared heaters for their facility. The contractor was already on site, and had the heaters ready. However, they were not the ideal solution.

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  1. Download Our Questionnaire And Answer A Few Easy Questions
    Our Questionnaire asks simple step-by-step questions about your application so that we can ensure a proper ductwork design.
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    Use the sketch grid in our downloadable questionnaire to provide us with a rough sketch layout of your application. The drawing itself may be crude, but the measurements must be accurate... so ensure you measure twice.
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    Send your questionnaire and drawing to our experts for review and completion.
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In return we provide you with:
Professional CAD Drawing
Parts List
Detailed Installation Instructions
Budgetary Quote

Overhead Products has decades of experience with infrared heating. We know that the best solution isn’t only about saving money during installation. The companies we distribute for have reputations for rugged reliability. The client could save money going for the infrared heaters they ordered, but they might have to replace the whole system sooner.

After a presentation, the client agreed with the reasoning. The contractor provided their client with a custom heating solution that, to this day, suffers no maintenance issues whatsoever.

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